About Us

About us

Who are we?

The Fort Stockton Pioneer is the oldest business in Fort Stockton. It has been the sole newspaper for Pecos County since 1908.

Publication dates

The Fort Stockton Pioneer is published every Thursday. Click here to subscribe.

Subscription rates are:

• In Pecos County:

$41 a year (includes e-edition and full Web site access)

• Out of County:

$60 a year. (includes e-edition and full Web site access)

• E-edition only:

$41 a year (includes e-edition and full Web site access)

What is news?

News is recent or upcoming events, meetings or activities involving or serving the public. Announcements benefiting a person or company are advertising, especially if they run in more than one issue. News is run without charge, but there is a charge for advertising.

How do I get my news in The Fort Stockton Pioneer?

Have a news tip, story idea or press release? Email us your news at steve.fountain@fortstocktonpioneer.com! Fax us at (432) 336-6432, call (432) 336-2281, or mail to PO Box 1528, Fort Stockton, TX 79735. Any submitted pictures will be available for pickup the day of publication, or will be mailed if a self-addressed stamped envelope is included.

What does a news announcement look like?

Here's an example: High School Band is having its Annual Spaghetti Dinner and Recital Monday, Feb. 3, from 6-9 p.m. at the Civic Center. Tickets are $5 each and are being sold by high school band students at the door.

Just answer the basic questions who, what, where, when and why. Be simple and direct. You should be able to convey your message in about 100 words. Readers are more likely to respond to simple, concise language. Just the facts, please. The newspaper is not the place to exercise your fabulous vocabulary or elegant literary style. You might want to read through the paper and look for an article similar to the one you want to submit.

What about pictures?

Please  mail or e-mail us your pictures of happy people enjoying Pecos County's events. Make sure photos are sharp and always include the names of the people pictured and the event they are participating in. We will mail your picture back to you if you turn in a large self-addressed stamped envelope.We also welcome photos by email. Just attach them to a message containing the pertinent details and identifying anyone in the photo if possible. Photos should be at least 150 dpi and in a jpeg format.

What if I see news?

Tell us. We want to know about everything from a house fire to your great-aunt's 105th birthday to a county debate. Your news in important to us. Call us at (432) 336-2281 or e-mail us. In our online edition we hope to deliver breaking news that impacts the community between our weekly editions. If you've got the scoop on anything from traffic detours, power outages or high water, let us know.

Any more questions?

Call us at (432) 336-2281. We are here to help you.


Publisher and Executive Editor: Steve Fountain
General Manager: Donna Gonzalez
Classifieds: Noemi Balderas

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