If you have been keeping up with our discussion in the last two articles that we began on Advent, this will be the third of five articles on Advent this December. In this article, we will spend some time discussing the Third Advent Candle. The candle that we light on the third Sunday of Advent is called “The Shepherd’s Candle” or “The Candle of Joy.” At FBC Fort Stockton we simply refer to it as the “Shepherd’s Candle of Joy.”
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Traveling with children for the holidays? Baby it’s cold outside!

Despite the ongoing pandemic and warnings to avoid travel, many families will be traveling with children to celebrate the holidays. This is a good time to stop and think about making sure that your child is safe in their car seat before planning your trip. The two important considerations are that your child is secure in the harness and the car seat is securely attached to the vehicle. One thing that parents often do not take into consideration is that heavy jackets can interfere with keeping children safe in car seats.