Zeke Hernandez


[Editor’s note: The Fort Stockton Pioneer requested profiles from all of the 16 local candidates with contested races in the March 1 primary election.]

I am Zeke Hernandez, Democratic candidate for Pecos County Commissioner, Precinct 1. I was born and raised in Fort Stockton and graduated from Fort Stockton High School in 1985. In April 1996 I began my 20-year tenure with the Pecos County Sheriff's Office as a Deputy Sheriff. Presently, I continue to serve the taxpayers of Pecos County as a civil and warrants officer.

In those years of serving the people of Pecos County, I have gained the experience, knowledge and the courage to run for Precinct 1 commissioner. With this in mind, I feel confident that I am the best candidate to serve the citizens of Fort Stockton and Pecos County.

As commissioner, I will dedicate as much time as possible and do what is necessary to do an outstanding job for the citizens of Pecos County. I will work to bring both listening and problem-solving skills to Precinct 1. My experience as a county employee has prepared me to represent the constituents of Pecos County I serve, as well as given me the negotiation skills I need to work productively with other commissioners and county staff. I will always maintain an open door policy for all constituents of Pecos County. I will continue to work with all county offices to help make Pecos County the place to be in the state of Texas for the citizens of Pecos County.

Anyone wanting to contact me about concerns may do so at 290-0009.