Town & Country treating guests like family



The Town & Country motel at 1505 W. Dickinson Blvd. has been a popular stop for travelers for over a decade, and is now bringing two brand new rooms to its property. 

“It’s an ever-advancing motel; we won’t ever stop upgrading it,” began owner Susie Lacy. “Our motel rooms were all fully upgraded about two months ago. Franco’s Construction & Painting has been doing all the refurbishing for us, and they’re the ones putting in the two new rooms… Franco’s has done some really great, clean work and I’m always happy with the results.”

“We will be putting hardwood flooring in every motel room. The rooms stay cleaner that way and there are less allergens with hardwood. We’ve got five rooms with the hardwood flooring so far, and the two new rooms will have it as well. Another advantage to hardwood is that we can accommodate guests with pets more often,” explained Lacy. 

When asked about the Town & Country’s current vacancy, Lacy said, “We’re completely full and we’ve got a waiting list, but we’re suspecting that the two new rooms will be ready in about three weeks.”

On why the motel stays full, Lacy elaborated and said, “We strive to offer the best quality and people take notice of that. Our product is a clean, comfortable room with outstanding service. We’re family owned and operated. My son Clark is the motel’s General Manager, and we treat our guests like we would treat the guests of our own home. We treat them like family. My children grew up here; we’re fully invested and we care more. We take a lot of pride in what we do. We want every little detail to be great. Being a family-oriented business, our service is very personal. We know returning guests by name and what rooms they like to stay in here. Overall, we make our guests feel right at home.”

While the Town & Country motel may currently be fully booked, Lacy hints to keep an eye out for the vacancy sign to turn on within the upcoming weeks, as the two new rooms reach completion. To be put on the waiting list or questions about booking a room, call (432) 336-0600.

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