The Shake Shop - more than just smoothies and juices


The Shake Shop at 710 W. Dickinson was opened Thursday, June 1, 2017 and was introduced to Fort Stockton by owners Andy and Belinda Rivera. Since opening, the business has doubled its menu and provides more than just the initial smoothies and juices. 

The Shake Shop now has health-conscious food options such as salads, wraps and their popular loaded toast. The loaded toast makes as an easy breakfast and can be topped with almond butter, honey, and strawberries or with a smooth spread of some avocado.

In addition to the Body Fuel portion of their enhanced menu, The Shake Shop stays true to being a juice bar. Customers can come take a seat at one of their colorful bar stools, and take shots of their non-alcoholic health juices. The variety of “health shots” are powerful in their ability to heal, give a boost of energy, as well as other health benefits. Shot flavors include Wheat Grass, Immunity, Cold Away, Wellness and Shredder.

If you need more juice than just a shot, the menu has a handful of other juices to chose from. The juice flavors range from local grown cantaloupe, spicy margarita, a local grown watermelon flavor called Unicorn's Blood, a tropical flavor called Pink and others.

If you don't want to sip the juice, the refreshers provide an alternative cool down. The Refresher menu offers fruit infused water, matcha lemonade, green tea mojitos, a strawberry acai berry drink, green tea lemonade, and even Arnold Palmers. 

According to General Manager Christina Martinez, the Pitaya Lemonade refresher has become one of the most frequently ordered drinks, and is constantly refilled throughout the day.

The smoothies and smoothie bowls are still a big focus for The Shake Shop, and new flavors are introduced seasonally. Currently, the new Pumpkin Pie Smoothie is the latest flavor being promoted to get you in the mood for fall. It's topped with whipped cream, candy corn and cinnamon.

The Pink Unicorn smoothie still reigns as the most popular menu item of all, and tastes as magical as its appearance. The Pink Unicorn is made with almond milk, banana, pitaya, kiwi, mango, non-fat Greek yogurt and honey.

If you're not into the whole health craze thing, The Shake Shop has a new “Cheat Day” menu that includes fresas con crema and mangonadas. 

Call-in orders are welcome at The Shake Shop. To place an order, call (432) 299-7041.

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