Prestigious 4-H competitor takes aim in Fort Stockton


El Paso natives Susan Lane and her daughter Chyna were in town for the weekend to attend a local, 4-H-sponsored, indoor archery event housed at the Pecos County Coliseum. Chyna, who is 17 years old, annually participates in the event and has made a handful of friends here in Fort Stockton.

She is heavily involved with 4-H and even holds the title of 4-H Globe International Ambassador. She was selected to represent Texas for president Donald Trump's inauguration, and is currently looking forward to a 4-H trip to Costa Rica this summer.

In archery, Chyna won highest overall for the 2016 State Senior II Division, taking numerous first-place medals along the way. With her bow in hand, she opened up on Fort Stockton's archery event saying, “The competition here is calmer compared to a lot of the competitions I go to. Especially State. The participants are friendlier, they have better sportsmanship here, and they don't get in your face or say anything rude to you. I have friends from all over Texas, but for some reason I always enjoy coming here. I really love small towns, so this is like my dream place to live. I love 4-H, I love livestock, so to me this place is perfect.”