Police chief release 2019 crime stats


The Fort Stockton Police Department responded to thousands of calls for service in 2019 all while operating with 15 officers and a changing of chief of police.

The officers work 12 hour shifts making it difficult to staff all day parts for the 12,416 calls they received last year.

Now calls for service can be serious or can be a call to check on a suspicious person but it ties up resources.

They recently interviewed for two open positions that they are hoping to fill soon.

The department responded to 25 calls for possession of marijuana which is either a misdemeanor or felony depending on the amount.

Even having a trace amount or a pipe could get you in trouble which happens to travelers coming from states where it is legal.

“”It's just not legal to possess here,” said Chief Robert Lujan.

The department also works closely with the Pecos County Sheriff, EMS and fire department to handle the 16,347 calls they saw all together.

The police department answered to 235 accidents, 4,833 traffic stops and had 572 traffic citations issued.

Over 2019 they had 11 burglaries, 13 criminal mischief, 83 criminal trespass, 10 disorderly conduct, 21 DUI, 10 evading arrest, 50 possession of a controlled substance, 42 public intoxication, four resisting arrest, 35 theft and 72 warrants.

The police department did not see any murders in 2019.

Something that has surprised Lujan since he started was the amount of assaults and family violence which was 40.

“I've never see that many sexual assaults,” he said.

He has recently added tracking for things like the DUI so they are hopeful they can accurately capture the correct number yearly and help the numbers drop.

“We are really busy,” said Lujan.