Pecos County snubbed in Trans-Pecos donations


Trans-Pecos Pipeline has continued construction on their pipeline, and has donated almost three million dollars between Brewster County and Presidio County for the use of their land. The pipeline also runs through Pecos County, yet it never appeared to have received any sort of donation. Why the omission?

According to Judge Joe Shuster, funds for Pecos County have been set aside by Trans-Pecos Pipeline; the county just has yet to decide what projects will benefit from the money.

"Right now, they have some money allocated to us," said Judge Shuster. "The County needs to decide where to use it. Right now, we don't have any projects in the works or any that are on a waiting list."

Judge Shuster said that the County Commissioners will discuss any prospective projects at length to decide where the money should be used. So while it seemed odd that Pecos County was absent from their list, Trans-Pecos Pipeline has not forgotten it and new projects are to be expected in the future.