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Martinez forges community ties with his Fort Stockton Welding Supply business


While he doesn't speak much English, Agustin Martinez local business owner and family man are growing their brand and building on the American dream.

Martinez is the owner of Fort Stockton Welding Supply. It is his first store in the United States.

He owns seven other stores in Mexico going back 36 years, and is getting ready to open stores in Crane and Monahans.

“West Texas has the friendliest people,” he said. “I didn't last long before making lifelong friends.”

The store is getting ready to celebrate 10 years of serving the community with speciality welding supplies.

The store was created with the necessities of welders in mind. It offers everything a welder would need to do their job.

Martinez learned business and customer service from his dad. He has run with it to create a successful company.

“It is something that runs through my veins,” he said. “We are also thankful to God because he led us here.”

The company has a lot of repeat and loyal customers, something Martinez is proud of.

“Our specialization is smiles and happy customers,” he said.

The store is adorned with pictures on its walls of local welders, and a pump jack prop in store.

“This is the trademark of West Texas,” said Martinez.

His daughter, Natalia, 25, learned English when she moved to Texas 10 years ago. She graduated from Fort Stockton High School.

She went off to college for business and came back to help her dad with the company that one day she will take over.

“We get to meet people from all over the world,” she said. “I am passionate about the business.”

Natalia loves learning on the job where she said she has gained all of her welding knowledge.

Her older sister is a chef, leaving Natalia to carry on his legacy.

“I'm very proud of my dad,” she said. “He always tries to make a connection with the customers. He always wants them to leave with a smile. I am trying to learn as much as I can from him.”

Martinez spends his time between Texas and Mexico, and in his absence he has Manager Gonzalo Acosta looking after the business.

The four year employee has 20 years of welding knowledge and loves working for a family business.

“It's always good because we have direct contact with the owner,” he said. “I love it here.”

The are thankful to the community for a decade of support.

“We love this town,” said Martinez. “We were received with open arms.”

Fort Stockton Welding Supply Inc. is located at 1901 N. Front Street.