Pastor Wellborn joins First Christian Church


After spending a lot of his time serving in Conroe, Texas, one pastor has packed his bags and moved to Fort Stockton to head up the First Christian Church.

Walt Wellborn served as the Minister of Connections in Conroe, getting people linked up with services they might need or outreach ministry.

He saw they needed a pastor and answered the call.

“God moved a few mountains to get me here,” said Wellborn.

He has a Master's degree in theatre, and worked extensively in the directing, technical and lighting side of the craft.

He later worked in IT for 20 years before going fully into work with the church.

“I always had a passion for ministry so it wasn't difficult to transition,” said Wellborn.

He said he first felt his call to ministry at age 10, and worked his way to where he is now.

Wellborn said that the First Christian Church in Fort Stockton is unique and he is anxious to help it become bigger.

“I'm looking forward to seeing this church grow spiritually,” he said. “Numbers are important, but I am more concerned with growing spiritually.”

Currently, services are held Sundays at 10:50 a.m. But Wellborn is hoping to get Sunday school up and running as well as programs throughout the week.

“We need to be more community involved,” he said. “I want people to utilize our space.”

The church sits at 208 S. Rio St.

Wellborn hopes to continue to meet people from the area.

“If you don't have a church family we welcome you to come visit us,” he said. “We are open and affirming and we love everybody.”