OG Midstream Services - home-grown oil field construction


OG Midstream Services at 5331 N. Alexander Lane is an oil field construction company that was built from the ground up. The rapid-growing company provides general contracting, construction, maintenance, and repair work.

“90 percent of everything we do is compressor stations. We do a lot of work for those. We build from start to finish – it's a turn-key job. We got good companies that keep our staff of 70 guys busy all the time, and other companies are more than welcome to come in and talk to us at our new office,” said co-owner Gilbert Galindo.

“Me and my brothers, Adan and Jose, were doing this type of work for a long time. We've always worked for somebody else, and for businesses who made promises they couldn't keep. After a while, my wife finally said, 'I'm going to start up my own company and you guys can come work for me,' and that's really how this all got started,” revealed Galindo.

With much admiration, Galindo shared that his wife founded the company when she was only 27 years old.

“When people hear the name OG Midstream Services, they think the OG stands for Oil and Gas, but it actually stands for my wife's name, Oyuki Galindo. My wife set up everything on the legal side and we started working for her. She would do all the books and what not, and we'd do all the work out on the field. Then the company started growing.”

Looking back, Galindo shared that his brother Jose has passed away since the company's start.

Honored to have worked with his brother and proud of his wife's initiative, Galindo continued, “We've come a long way. The business started in our house. It started in our TV room. That was my wife's office. That's why the front gates at our ranch say La Pobreza (spanish for the poverty). It took a lot of hard work. We just recently built this office next to the ranch, maybe a few months ago. Companies can come in here for consultations now. I actually built this office building myself. My dad taught me that it's better to build things for yourself, if you know how to do it.”

On the future ambitions of OG Midstream Services and current state of the oil field in the Trans-Pecos area, Galindo said, “I was working out of state, came back to Fort Stockton in 2011, and it was picking up around Pecos. We hit it from 2011 to 2015, non-stop. When I say non-stop, I mean we were working six or seven days a week. It really boomed, and I think it's going to boom like that again out here. It's already picking up, so the sky's the limit. We're currently in talks of going into trucking as well. We see trucking as being our next step – OG trucking.” 

For more information, call the OG Midstream Services, LLC office at (432)336-8613.