MPGCD takes no action on proposed abatement


The Middle Pecos Groundwater Conservation District (MPGCD) Board met in regular session on Tuesday, Aug. 15. 

The Board had much deliberation on the “request of reconsideration” of party status filed by Cockrell Investment Partners, L.P. in connection with hearing remanded by Eight District (El Paso) Court of Appeals on Fort Stockton Holding L.P.'s (FSH's) application for a production permit.

They also discussed a separate hearing on FSH's application to amend/reduce authorized withdrawals under previously issued historic and existing use permits.

Cockrell Investment Partners, L.P. proposed an abatement of 60 days, and the motion was made to abate consideration of 60 days (Aug. 15 to Oct. 17). However, the motion failed and the Board took no action on the item.

In other action, the Board granted General Manager Ty Edwards the authority to appoint a new position for a District Field Technician, in the case that Harvey Gray decides to retire. Edwards said, “We are not pushing Harvey out,” and clarified that Gray would be involved with training when the time comes.