MPGCD debates Cockrell presentation


The Middle Pecos Groundwater Conservation District (MPGCD) Board met in regular session on Tuesday, Oct. 17. During the meeting, Cockrell Investment Partners, L.P. gave an in-depth presentation, which showcased a handful of objections to MPGCD’s proposed rules, groundwater monitoring methodology, and other objectives.

After hearing Cockrell’s views and propositions, District Consultant Bill Hutchison disputed Cockrell’s lecture. 

“This is just inflammatory. It’s almost comical,” vented Hutchison who was distinctly bothered by the information.

Hutchinson argued that Cockrell’s views were all based on presumed models instead of factual data. In further response, Hutchison stated Cockrell’s presentation was flawed with mischaracterizations and incorrect statements.

“It’s not realistic. It’s flat out wrong… The charts are based on pure speculation,” insisted Hutchison.

After Hutchison’s rebuttal, the Cockrell Investment Partners, L.P. representatives explained that the motive of their presentation was not to “pick a fight”, but to share concerns they felt could potentially affect their clients.

After lengthy discussion between Hutchison and Cockrell representatives, Fort Stockton Holdings (FSH) was given an opportunity to respond. FSH attorney Ed McCarthy stepped up and said FSH would need more time to digest the presentation, and had no further comments. 

Among other business, the board: 

- Approved Monitoring Well Agreement between Fort Stockton Holdings L.P. and Middle Pecos GCD.

- Approved monitor well equipment bid for threshold wells in Management Zone 1.

- Approved the purchase of public relation/educational rain gauges

- Approved resolution regarding post-retirement healthcare benefits for qualified District employees.

- Approved the employment of Morgan Williams as new Field Technician.