Middle School appeals TEA rating for 2017


Fort Stockton Middle School is in the process of appealing their TEA accountability rating, according to information given at FSISD’s last board meeting on Monday, Sept. 25.

FSMS’s accountability rating for 2017 stated they required improvement. The school did not meet standards on Indexes 1 and 2, Student Achievement and Student Progress. 

Curriculum Director Robyn Derington said the scores released in this past year are simply preliminary, and are not yet finalized.

“TEA gives you a window of time to see if there were any scoring errors,” Derington stated. “There are certain aspects of testing that can be appealed, along with ones that can’t.”

FSMS missed the standard score in Indexes 1 and 2 by one point each, prompting Derington and other members of FSISD staff and faculty to search for areas that could be appealed.

“Both indexes were missed by only one point, meaning that a higher score on one or two tests would be needed to change the rating. The school only needs to meet standards on either Index 1 or Index 2 to have an overall rating of ‘Met Standard’,” Derington said. “We looked through, and we found you can appeal writing samples.”

Once the staff and faculty found this information, they began looking through seventh grade writing samples. Any students that missed passing by one or two points had their sample examined to see if it was a good candidate for appeal.

“We found 18 samples that we thought could be sent in for appeal,” Derington said. “It is $25 dollars for each test to be rescored, so we paid that and sent them to TEA. We’ve already received two back that were changed to passing, and the Middle School’s score went up from 59 to 59.55. TEA will round that up to 60, which is the target score.”

The score of 60 will bring FSMS’s accountability rating up to “Met Standard” for 2017. The final results, however, will not be available until the end of the year.

“The appeal is still pending with TEA, and we will get the status of it in November,” Derington stated. “The final accountability ratings will be available in December, and we anticipate the Middle School will receive the ‘Met Standard’ rating.”