Mendoza fighting for a third Stockton boxing event


Abel Mendoza, a Fort Stockton native, took a breather from his boxing career to spend some down time with his family for the Fourth of July.

Attending the Chamber of Commerce's two-day Rooney Park event, Mendoza shares his heart for his hometown.

“I love coming back here. These are my roots. The last two fights I had in Fort Stockton were amateur, but I'm hoping to do a fight here that's professional,” enthused Mendoza.

Here in Fort Stockton, the West Texas Boxing Association sanctioned a “West Texas Fight Night” event June 13, 2015 and the U.S. Boxing Association sanctioned a second West Texas Fight Night Dec. 19, 2016. Both events were backed by the Fort Stockton Chamber of Commerce and a number of local sponsors. 

Feeling that the third time's a charm, Mendoza speaks on his hopes to bring a superior boxing event to town.

“My fights come out on national TV now. I've had my first professional fight come out on UniMás and my third fight came out on a channel called Estrella. I've also had fights that were streamed with Livestream. The promoters I have now are really good. I'm currently 5-0 with three KO's. My fans would come out to see the fight. I have a huge fan base in El Paso,” said Mendoza.

With a professional fight slated for August 12 at the Southwest University Park (Chihuahau's stadium)in El Paso, the 20 year-old boxer has his sights set on coordinating more fights closer to home.

“I'm talking with Chamber of Commerce in Pecos about having a fight at the Buck Jackson Rodeo Arena. I still want to fight here in my hometown, though. I don't want to fight in Vegas or New York, I want to fight in Fort Stockton where I have all my family and friends. Now that I'm professional, the event will be way different. It will be bigger and more entertaining. Amateur fights are more about the safety and the kids,” shared Mendoza.

After watching the fireworks at Rooney Park, the young boxer says he plans to meet with the Fort Stockton Chamber of Commerce and CVB Board about bringing such an event to fruition.

“I've been through a lot just to get this far. I've been bullied as a kid, so I really want to inspire the kids who are growing up in Fort Stockton to not give up. To be their best and give it their all. It's taken a lot of hard work and sacrifice, but I'm still here. I still have hope for another Fort Stockton boxing event. If it happens, it will be bigger and better,” concluded Mendoza.