Meet the 2019 Miss Fort Stockton candidates


Here are the bios from each of the six candidates for Miss Fort Stockton. The winner will be announced tonight after the Water Carnival.

(Photos courtesy of J&B Photography)

Jordan Ward

• Age: 17

• Parents: Blaine and Lorie Ward

• Sponsor: Hammond Ranch

• Why do I want to become the next Miss Fort Stockton?: “I want to be the next Miss Fort Stockton to not only represent Fort Stockton, but also the Imperial, Buena Vista area. I want to be a role model for my community and help inspire younger generations to strive in what they believe in.”

Alexi Rivera

• Age: 17

• Parents: Andy and Belinda Rivera, and Cinthya Villarreal

• Sponsor: Triple R Welding

• Why do I want to become the next Miss Fort Stockton?: “The reason I would like to become Miss Fort Stockton is because I would like to meet young people and share with them my struggles. School hasn’t always come easy for me, neither have sports. I have always had to work extremely hard to accomplish the goals I set forward for myself.

“Sometimes even making friends didn’t come easy to me, that can make anyone feel lonely. Unfortunately, I have always felt like I am a step behind everyone but that has helped me because it has shown me that I have to work hard and become better in my weaknesses. The title will give me the opportunity to share with younger girls that they too can overcome their shortcomings. I plan on continuing my volunteer work and using my platform as Miss Fort Stockton to demonstrate that in order for our community to flourish, younger generations must get involved as well.”

Kathlynn Salmon

• Age: 17

• Parent: Deandrea Salmon

• Sponsor: ENE Electrical Services LLC

• Why do I want to become the next Miss Fort Stockton? “Why do I want to become the next Miss Fort Stockton? “I would love to have the opportunity to be the next Miss Fort Stockton because growing up in this town and being surrounded by this community, all I have ever experienced was the feeling of someone giving. Whether someone was giving to me, to others, to the community itself or myself giving to help another person in my community. I want Fort Stockton, most importantly the youth, to keep feeling that sense of giving so it never stops.

“Fort Stockton has this special sense of belonging and knowing someone will always have your back and with being the next Miss Fort Stockton, I would like to not only give back what Fort Stockton has given to me, but also let others know that someone is always going to be here, your community is always going to be here. Fort Stockton has given me so many things from opportunities, to life lessons, to my very best friends and most of all it has given me a sense of belonging. Being the next Miss Fort Stockton would be a great privilege of mine because then I would be able to give back in more ways than I can right now. To the youth, to the community and to the town itself.

“I believe that being Miss Fort Stockton is more than just wearing a crown and sash, it’s being someone that everyone can look up to, turn to for advice and sometimes even lean on and I would love to be that someone.”

Yazmin Reyes

• Age: 16

• Parents: Nick Reyes and Vanessa Vargas

• Sponsor: Candlewood Suites

• Why do I want to become the next Miss Fort Stockton? “The reasons I want to be the next Miss Fort Stockton are, first, the opportunities. Not just opportunities that will help me but others in our community. Secondly, Miss Fort Stockton is a job that inspires people and represents what Fort Stockton is and I can fill that job with my qualities of leadership and kindness. Lastly, this job would able me to help this community change for the better from coming together more or even fundraising for people in need.”

Ysabel Velasquez

• Age: 17

• Parents: Ernesto and Jane Velasquez

• Sponsor: Texas Realtor Memo Pacheco

• Why do I want to be the next Miss Fort Stockton? “Well reason number one is being as most of us would say, we have been wanting to do this since we were little, because the role of Miss Fort Stockton in our community is such an iconic tile to hold,and with that I as a child remember all the older Miss Fort Stockton’s coming to events and me myself looking up to them as an idol and I would love to be the one in that role and having others look up to me and lead by example.”

Angela Diaz

• Age: 18

• Parents: Selina Calderon and Abraham Chavez

• Sponsor: Fort Stockton Body Shop

• Why do I want to become the next Miss Fort Stockton? “Holding the title of Miss Fort Stockton is a privilege granted upon a young women who can represent our town with gratitude and respect. Becoming the next Miss Fort Stockton would be an honorable achievement that would allow me to showcase those attributes and be a voiced role model for young woman to exemplify as they take action within our community.”