Lucky Two Times helps pets on their ruff road


A new service may soon be available to help low-income families with taking care of their pets.

With the rise of the stray animal population in Fort Stockton, Lucky Two Times Animal Rescue, led by local Mike Luna of MNP Pack and Ship Shack, is holding a fundraiser for a proposed Animal Vaccination Clinic.

“This particular fundraiser was made to help provide low-income families with animal vaccinations and the future spay or neutering of their pets,” Luna said. “There will be two separate clinics, and they will both be free of charge.”

Lucky Two Times Animal Rescue already helps dogs, cats, and even horses through re-homing programs and rehabilitation. They work with private, corporate, and community entities to gain donations in order to offer options for low-income families.

“We are an advocacy group that helps provide resources to low-income families to prevent pet dumping, and promotes population control, proper nutrition, and healthcare for the animals of families that cannot afford the care,” Luna explained. 

“We have to stress that we do not accept pets; we have no sort of intake program. We help families so that they may keep their pets. That’s our focus. We help these families become self-sufficient in caring for their pets, while offering resources for them to use during that time.”

Luna explained that there would be two phases to the clinics, the first of which would require the organization to determine the need of each interested party.

“If anyone receives state benefits, like Medicare or Medicaid, we would just need proof of that,” Luna said. “We will have them fill out the paperwork, and if they are approved, we will give them a voucher for the vaccination clinic.”

Luna said that the clinic would happen at a later date, at which time those with vouchers can attend the clinic, turn in their voucher, and have their dogs vaccinated free of charge.

“The clinics will be held here in town, but veterinarians from Monahans will travel to attend to the pets,” Luna said. “We’ve already taken multiple animals to them, including over 32 cats, 12 dogs, and a horse; just so many animals. They will also come back for the spay and neutering clinic.”

The spay and neutering clinic will also be free of charge. Those who were approved and took their animal to the vaccination clinic will receive an additional voucher to spay or neuter their pet.

“We are making it a requirement that those who get their pet vaccinated through this program also get their pet spayed or neutered,” Luna said. “But just knowing that we vaccinated their animals is the best part of it. That will make sure that diseases like rabies and the Parvo virus don’t spread throughout the community as quickly.”

The fundraiser itself will be held on Saturday, Sept. 2, where barbecue brisket, potato salad, ranch style beans, and dessert will be served to all in attendance. 

For more information on the fundraiser, clinics, or Lucky Two Times Animal Rescue, call Mike Luna at 432-299-7050 or visit them at 1050 Old Cemetery Road.