Lower tax rate coming


The City Council approved the proposed tax rate for the 2017-2018 fiscal year budget at their regular meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 8.

City Manager Frank Rodriguez stated that he recommended the City maintain the effective tax rate.

“Last year’s tax rate is the actual rate the taxing unit used to determine property taxes last year,” Rodriguez said. “This year’s effective tax rate would impose the same total taxes as last year if you compare properties.”

Mayor Chris Alexander explained further, stating that the property values went up and that if the City maintained the same tax rate as last year, they would collect more money per property.

“With the effective tax rate, we are collecting the same amount of money with a lowered tax rate,” Alexander said.

“So what you’re saying is after our budget session, we’re not going up on water,” Councilman Ruben Falcon said to clarify. “We’re not going to go up on gas. We aren’t going to go up on sewer, and we’re doing away with the five-dollar bulk trash pick-up fee. We’re not going up on our tax rate for the coming year.”

Alexander responded, saying that is what was proposed in their budget session.

The Council also decided the dates of two public hearings. 

The first hearing on the budget and tax rate would be held Tuesday, Aug. 17, and the second hearing on Aug. 22. On Sept. 12, an ordinance would be adopted, approving the budget and setting the tax rate and levy. The tax rate and budget ordinance would be published on Sept. 14, and on the following day, the City would file the 2017-2018 adopted budget. A copy of the budget would be filed with the County Clerk on Sept. 30.

The Council unanimously voted to approve the budget, tax rate, and hearing dates.