Local resident conducts search for chorus members


When people think of music in west Texas, they generally envision country music, or even some folk music at times. One Fort Stockton resident feels that there is a great need for a wider selection of music in the area, and is focusing on bringing classical music to the forefront.

Alex Cordero, a 26-year-old FSISD alumnus, has made it his mission to recruit community members and create a group he has already dubbed the Chorus of Big Bend.

“My intention is to bring the people of west Texas closer to the beautiful music of Mozart, Handel, and other great composers of the Baroque Era, Classical Era, and beyond,” Cordero said. “I feel that it is such an injustice to deprive people of such music, especially children.”

Cordero said the idea came to him during the time that alumni were gathering to host the farewell concert for now retired FSHS Choir Director Steve Gennette.

“While working toward that concert, I was surprised to see how many of us still lived in Fort Stockton, but had no musical outlet,” Cordero explained. “I want this group to be an outlet for classical music in west Texas and the Big Bend area, in general.”

Cordero also discussed his plans for the chorus, including the members, rehearsals, and performances.

“We will be looking for community members from high school age and up to join. There will be weekly rehearsals, which I am thinking will last around an hour and a half. We will premier with Handel’s Messiah in a gala concert in December that will feature string players from the area.”

Cordero explained that he will be the one conducting the chorus, stating that choral conducting has been very special to him ever since he began studying it at Fort Stockton High School under Gennette.

According to Cordero, the chorus will focus on participation in community events, and possibly touring the west Texas area and beyond.

“Our first meeting will be held August 17 in the Fort Stockton Community Theatre at 7:30 p.m. This will be an initial get-together to schedule rehearsals and get people’s information.”

Cordero stated that he is eager to begin this endeavor, and wants to restore the Fort Stockton community’s intrigue in classical music both as an audience and as individual performers.

“Who knows if we have the next Mozart in Fort Stockton,” Cordero said.

For more information, email Alex Cordero at chorusbigbend@gmail.com.