It tastes like chicken! Fort Stockton welcomes Bush’s


The new Bush’s Chicken at 1700 Dickinson hosted a great first-day opening Monday, Sept. 18. Introducing the first three-lane drive thru to ever come to Fort Stockton, the fast food chicken restaurant had cars driving in and out all day.

“Opening a Bush’s here in Fort Stockton has been pure excellence,” said General Manager Paul DePoorter. Taking a seat at a table, DePoorter shared a word on the experience.

“We had seven trainers come help the Fort Stockton location get started. We had trainers come all the way from Temple, Pecos, Monahans and Midland… My Fort Stockton staff did an amazing job in training, and I’m very pleased with their advancements. They’re cookin’ up some good chicken, and they’re catching on quickly.”

Looking over his shoulder toward his staff, DePoorter continued, “We had a very successful first day, and we’ve got a fantastic team here. I want Bush’s to be a place that the community is proud to eat at, and I believe that it will be. We still have positions available, if anyone wants to come join this Bush’s Chicken family.”

The new Bush’s will be open Monday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Commenting on the restaurant’s hours, DePoorter said, “The only days you will see Bush’s closed is for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Everyone eats a big chicken on Thanksgiving, so that’s okay. Besides those two days, come on over to Bush’s. We’ll feed ya good.”