Iraan chamber welcomes new president


A new member to the Iraan-Sheffield Chamber of Commerce has been adding to a growing and changing community.

Patsy Holmes, 35, was elected as President of the Iraan-Sheffield Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.

Holmes has been involved in the chamber for less than a year but was seen as having good ideas and a bright outlook.

“I just want to help bring more family oriented stuff to the area and make Christmas fun in the area again,” said Holmes.

She lives in Sheffield and works at the Iraan Justice of the Peace.

She remembers how fun and decorated the town was growing up, remembering the Halloween parades and events.

“Every holiday was a big deal,” she said. “Everything has kind of stopped.”

Holmes loves living in the rural area with her husband and three kids and wants to make sure the area gets revitalized.

The chamber recently got a wave of new, younger members in the hopes they can bring new ideas to the area.

“It is new faces and new excitement,” said Holmes.

They are hoping to meet with other area chamber of commerce to get ideas.

“Our main goal is trying to figure out a way to be appealing,” said Holmes.

They want to focus on not just business, but also community.

“I really enjoy all of the people who are a part of it,” she said. “I think we are all excited.”

To contact the chamber of commerce call (432) 639-2232.