FSISD Board approves District innovation revisions


The FSISD School Board approved policies DBA and DK, in accordance with the District’s innovation plan, during their regular meeting on Monday, Aug. 28. 

Policy DBA outlined that the District will be exempt from the state law requiring them to hire certified teachers. The policy awarded the board the authority to hire non-certified individuals who are highly qualified in a certain field. According to the policy, the employees would need to file an official college transcript and proof of certificate or endorsement for employment.

Policy DK further discussed the appointment of non-certified teachers, stating the superintendent shall have the power to request from the board the authority to permit a certified teacher to teach outside their field. It also allows the superintendent to speak to the board about permitting a non-certified, but highly qualified, individual to teach. The policy stated the board would notify the parents of the students being taught by the individuals.

The board voted unanimously to approve these revisions.