FSHS grad talks keeping college local



Ramon Reynosa, age 18, graduated from Fort Stockton High School with the class of 2017. During his high school years, Reynosa took dual credit courses at Midland College WRTTC and become comfortable with the in-town campus.

“I like it here,” he said while seated in the student lounge. “I’m excited for the upcoming school year. It’s nothing like high school; I like the hours and the freedom of college. I just enrolled in some science courses for the fall semester. I decided on Midland College WRTTC, because I live here, and it just seemed like the best choice for me. I’ll get to stay closer to my family – I’m not straying too far. I know that makes my mom really happy."

Graduating from high school with an Energy Technician Certificate, Reynosa shared his ambitions and said, “I’m going for both my associate's and my bachelor's. I want to work in either the oil field or with energy. I’d like to learn how to maintain some of the machines in those industries. That’s always interested me.”

Continuing on his trade of choice, Reynosa elaborated, “Most of my family works in the oil field. About half of them are welders and the other half work with energy… I took my first college course here this summer. It was a mechanical engineering course. I plan to take five or six classes at WRTTC and go from there. I’ll have to take some classes at the main campus in Midland, but that’s okay. I have some family in Midland too. I really think its good to keep college close to home. This is were I grew up, so I want my future to be here.”