Fort Stockton’s biggest watermelon


The biggest watermelon of Fort Stockton has been found at Amistad Properties’ Man Camp located at 1872 W. Gonzalez Loop. However, the large watermelon is both seedless and fruitless, because it’s not an actual watermelon.

Local artist Indian Frank has been give the freedom to transform the Man Camp property into an Old West town of its own, and in the process he has let his imagination run wild. 

The summer days must have put Indian Frank in the mood for some watermelon, because he spray painted a large cylinder propane tank to resemble the largest one you’ve ever seen. 

The watermelon art installation is just one of the many wonders on the property. As summer comes to an end and autumn draws near, the Man Camp’s watermelon will be ripe year round. 

Amistad Properties currently has weekly rentals available at the Man Camp. For inquiries or more information call (432) 336-3800.