Fort Stockton Living & Rehab focuses on quality care and a good time


The Fort Stockton Living & Rehabilitation at 501 N. Sycamore St. is fighting against the negative misconceptions of the world, and is ready to prove that good nursing homes still exist.

New activity director Melody Rainer says her daily commute from Alpine to Fort Stockton is worth the drive, because she arrives to the nursing home every day ready to have some fun.

“I want our residents to have a full life. They are full of energy and laughter when we incorporate new activities and when they have people visit them. It’s important to me that they’re remembered,” said Rainer from her office filled with games.

“The more community the better. We are not your typical nursing home, and I urge community members to come take a free tour. It’s not silent in our hallways or constrained like a hospital. The residents and staff are like one really big family. Seeing it first hand will change the way you think of nursing homes in general. We’re moving in a fun direction and the residents are truly enjoying it,” added Rainer.

With appreciation, Ranier thanks the elders from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints for their continual involvement and volunteerism at the nursing home. She also thanks Gracepoint Church for coming five consecutive Saturdays to play games with the residents.

“I want the community to come in. Our residents had a blast with the church members of Gracepoint. Whether it’s different churches, the schools, or different businesses; the residents really do love it when they get visitors. They’re happier when they spend time with guests. You can see it on their faces. They especially love having children over, “ shared Rainer.

With many daily activities planned at Living & Rehab, Rainer says that bingo is the resident’s favorite game of the day.

“We do a lot of activities with them, but bingo is the one constant. You can’t mess with their bingo,” she said with a laugh.

The enthusiastic new activity director would like to incorporate more volunteer hours, and is searching for volunteers to lend a helping hand. She would also like different business and organizations to help initiate some fund raising towards resident birthdays, activities, arts and crafts, and activity prizes.

“You’ll see me dancing and getting funky with them. They love when I act goofy; they get a kick out of it. I’m open to suggestions from the community. I love getting creative and entertaining them with new games and ideas. The reason I’m turning to the community so much is because I see how much joy it brings them. That’s what it’s all about. Seeing the smiles on their faces and hearing their laughter. It’s priceless,” said Rainer as she admired the residents from her office.

The Living & Rehab staff is currently looking for an in-house hairdresser to help residents in need of a haircut. If you would like to initiate a fundraiser or donate towards a birthday, game prizes or arts and crafts, call Melody Rainer at (432) 294-1660.

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