Cub Scouts back on track


Recently, parents of Cub Scouts have been quite confused regarding the goings-on in their branch. The Texas Southwest Council (TSC) of Boy Scouts of America released a statement, stating they were listening to the parents and would act quickly to get the Scouts back on track. According to Reverend Jim Miles and Donnie Lunsford, VP of Marketing for TSC, the council is making good on their promise.

Lunsford touched on the issues the troop had before, saying he felt there was a break in communication between offices.

“I think the issue was there was a drop in communication,” Lunsford said. “We had a turnover in people in our office, and there was a lack of training that we can attribute to this. The Texas Southwest Council has many, many counties it oversees, and it is a lot of area to cover.”

Miles explained that the group now has what they need to build the troop back up and succeed.

“We have received all of the account information we were waiting on before,” Miles said. “The District Executive, Grant Hill, was in Fort Stockton on Monday night and conducted a meeting with parents interested in Scouting.”

Miles also discussed a training for parent volunteers, scheduled for Oct. 8.

“We have had a number of adults agree to help with leadership next year,” Miles said. “They will attend the training in order to be prepared!”

Lunsford cited training and volunteerism as the most important parts of their success plan going forward.

“We want to get the proper people trained first, but we are always looking for volunteers,” Lunsford said. “Our plan is to really revitalize the volunteers that make the program work. Without adult volunteers, we can’t do anything.”

Lunsford stressed the need for more adult volunteers and parent involvement if the Scouts are to be successful.

“There is no better way to spend time with your child than in Scouts,” Lunsford said. “The time we have with our children goes by more quickly than we expect it to, and I feel the Scouts gives them life experiences that they can continue to grow upon. We just need adult leadership to make everything work for these children.”