Cool beans, International Coffee Day is here!


Wake up and smell the coffee, International Coffee Day is here. According, the holiday kicks off Friday, Sept. 29, and culminates on Sunday, Oct.1. The Pioneer turned to the local coffee masters of the area to hear what they love most about coffee, and they even spilled the beans about their specials for International Coffee Day.

“What can I say about coffee? Coffee is the love of my life and has been since I was a little girl sitting at my Grandma's kitchen table,” began owner of the Clockwork Coffeehouse Senthea Clinton. 

“Every day at 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. was coffee time where family and friends would gather to enjoy their freshly percolated coffee and visit. Every. Single. Day. I wasn't allowed to drink coffee at such a young age, but I could feel the magic. Coffee brings people together. My favorite part of coffee is that first steamy sip of a full cup, folded in both hands on a cold wet cloudy day... When the rain comes in or there's a cold snap in the air, and the sky is that special shade of gray that makes you want to snuggle in your comfy clothes and just enjoy time slowing down for a minute. Coffee slows down time,” enthused Clinton.

“That's part of it's magic. My favorite part of owning a coffee house is when I get to open one of my freshly roasted bags of espresso beans carefully roasted just for me by my roaster who is also a small business owner who gets the beans from small farmers, supporting their families. The aroma explosion that escapes from the bag when you first open it is absolutely the best scent in the world.”

Clinton’s Clockwork Coffeehouse is located at 1608 N. Front St. and resembles a cozy cabin with a wrap-around porch. Since the business was settled in west Texas, there is no river wrapping around the cabin, but there is a drive-thru window. 

Inviting the community over for a cup of Joe, Clinton concluded, “For International Coffee Day on Friday, Sept. 29, The Clockwork Coffeehouse will be offering a free 12 oz. cup of drip coffee or 99 cent 12 oz. single flavor latte all day long. What better way to spread the love of coffee?” 

In addition to Clockwork, The Garage Coffee, Music & More is also celebrating International Coffee Day here in town. The Garage sticks to its clever theme, so instead of having baristas on staff, The Garage has coffee mechanics that are ready to fix you up with some fuel for the day.

"For us, every day is coffee day. We love good coffee, and the fun and camaraderie that comes with a coffee shop," said owner Renee Gaylor. "Besides enjoying the flavor and richness of a good, fresh cup of coffee, a coffee shop is a place where people can come together, share ideas, laugh, cry if they need to, and learn something new. It's a place to form new ideas, and strengthen friendships. It’s a place to feel like you belong regardless of your background. It’s where everyone is welcome, and everyone is safe. It’s a place to meet new friends, try new things, and enjoy life. Whether your passion is coffee, tea, or milkshakes, we wanted to provide that space to our community. It's more than just coffee, but when it comes down to it, it's about good coffee.”

The Garage sits at 1110 N. Main St., with a presence as strong as its espresso shots. The brick building stands out with eye-catching murals painted by local artist Indian Frank. Before you take on your daily grind, Gaylor invite the community to enjoy their daily grind of coffee that’s as electric as the guitars that have played in The Garage’s Music Hall.

“Each year, The Garage celebrates Coffee Day by giving away coffee. On Friday, you can get one regular coffee free between 6 a.m. and 9 a.m. (limit one per customers, add-ins such as espresso shots not included). Try a cup of fresh ground and brewed coffee from Big Bend Coffee Roasters today. Not only are you supporting local and regional business, but you are experiencing the very finest roasts in Texas,” said Gaylor.

International Coffee Day doesn’t end here in town; the V6 Coffee Bar of Marathon is an easy drive from Fort Stockton and is going to give the holiday their best shot – espresso shot that is.

“I, of course, love coffee because of the rich flavor and burst of energy it gives me in the morning, but my favorite thing is the ritual of drinking it every single day. It gives my day a sense of normalcy,” said manager and head barista Carrie Van Eck.

The V6 is located at 109 NE. 1st St. in Marathon, just right of the Gage Hotel’s 12 Gage restaurant. With cool blue walls and rustic wood tables, the V6 has the perks of good coffee and beautiful west Texas scenery in view.

“For International Coffee Day, we'll be offering a free small cup of coffee with the purchase of a one pound bag of beans,” announced Van Eck.

There’s a strong, dark storm brewing in this area and it’s not only the rain; it’s tons of coffee being served up for International Coffee Day.