City finalizes water agreement, appoints landfill reps


During their Tuesday meeting, the City Council discussed numerous contracts and reviewed agreements.

The council approved a change in their budget calendar to reflect only one public hearing being hosted for the City’s annual budget. City Manager Frank Rodriguez stated it was required of the council to hold only one hearing, where they had planned for two. 

The final purchase agreement between WaterBridge, LLC and the City was approved by the council. City Attorney Jesse Gonzalez said the agreement was technically approved during the last council meeting, but the agenda item said the agreement was being discussed only for clarity, not for approval. Therefore, the council once again voted to approve the agreement with July 25 as the reference date. Council member Billy Jackson voted against the item, but it was passed by the majority vote.

The council approved a promissory note between FS EDC and B&M Story, LLC for assistance in building the new McDonald’s restaurant.

An agenda item from a prior meeting was discussed, where a pipeline right-of-way and easement agreement was proposed. Councilman Jackson had urged the council to amend the agreement to include a renewal period for the easement; after looking it over, the City added a 10-year renewal stipulation and approved the agreement.

Bids were taken for custodial services for City Hall, the City Hall Annex, and the FS Police Department. Three bids were submitted, but the council felt they needed more information to make a decision. The item was tabled unanimously.

At the end of the meeting, the council chose Dwayne  to replace Councilman James Warnock’s place in the . It was specified that the position was as an alternate member. The council also appointed Mayor Chris Alexander and Councilman Jackson to represent them in a discussion with two representatives from the County Commissioners’ Court regarding a future landfill.