Citizen supports new medical program


Dear Editor:

There is truly an angel among us in the community of Fort Stockton, and her name is Rita Childs. When there is someone in need, Rita seems to find a way to make the situation one that progresses into a happy ending. And that is exactly what happened last week.

There are several folks in our community who share a common problem--suffering from Parkinson’s disease or other neurological conditions that have muscle-deteriorating affects.

Rita did some research and found a program with exercise and non-contact boxing techniques. It allows the brain to repair and rewire areas to offset neurochemical deficiency.

Rock Steady is the first program of its kind dedicated to fight back against these debilitating diseases. It is funded primarily by individual donations and receives no government support.

Rita presented the Rock Steady program to the Pecos County Memorial Hospital Board of Managers, who then voted to make this program available in our Wellness Center.

I am grateful to the PCMH board for allowing Jeremy Calzada, director of the physical therapy department, to travel out-of-state for training and to then implement the program beginning in March. 

I would like to personally thank Rita Childs for caring about her family and friends and taking the initiative to make this program available in Fort Stockton. Thanks Rita!

Glenda Pasqua