A line in the dirt: FS provides power


Fort Stockton may be included in the creation of a power line to connect to a new solar farm.

According to an article by Electric Light & Power, AEP Texas Inc.

proposed to build a new transmission line from the AEP Texas Solstice

substation to the Roserock Point of Interconnection (POI) in Pecos

County. The AEP Solstice substation is still under construction and is

north of I-10 and east of AEP Texas Barilla Junction substation, an

existing substation.

The line will be located about 26.5 miles west of Fort Stockton. The

Roserock solar farm will temporarily be hard tapped into the AEP Texas

Barilla Junction substation. The structure will be built out of steel

poles, and will be between 80 and 100 feet tall. The line route would

be between 4.44 and 5.07 miles in length.

AEP Texas Inc. noted the land they intend to use is mostly

undeveloped, and there are no habitable buildings within 300 feet of

the project. The facilities are projected to begin construction in

February of 2019, and will most likely be completed in August of the

same year.

AEP Texas Inc. estimated that the project will cost about $6.1 million.